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The role of the non-specialist music teacher

What, realistically, can teachers, knowing very little about music, hope to achieve with a full compliment of children in the junior school classroom? The short answer is, quite a lot - providing they have the appropriate resources to assist them. Teachers...

Music in the classroom: In-tune with the kids today?

If we were to drop in on a music lesson at a typical junior school in the UK today, what could we expect to find? Would the lesson be inspiring, creative and in-tune with the young children of this digital generation? Or, would we still see our children...

Who is the best teacher in the world?

The benefits of having a good teacher, no matter at which rung of the musical ladder you are on can be vitally important. However, a gentle word of caution. There is always a danger that you, the student can become too reliant and spoon fed-often waiting for your...