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What is Music Magician’s mission?

Helping teachers and students

Musician Magician is a new web-site, set up to help and assist teachers, and students from early years up to year six of primary school and beyond. The site is edited by Peter Sills who has enjoyed a very long career as a professional musician and teacher. With regard to primary school music, Peter fully acknowledges the great work that so many music teachers do: However, he has a strong believe that so many schools’ music lessons are stuck-in-a-rut and that they should be a lot more ambitious as to what they expect to achieve.

Peter is also of the belief that the non-specialist music teacher has a very important role to play in helping children getting started making music. If the will is there – the way forward is but a formality. Musician Magician provides lots of free downloads and advise to help teachers achieve these aims. The target audience is for all children, not just those who have private music lessons. Our aim is to discover the undiscovered talent that lurks in so many of our young children.

Music downloads for young students

Another way in which Musician Magician strives to help is by providing young students with music downloads that are appropriate for their age group. For example, so any guitar tabs are so confusing and often incorrect. We strive to elleviate the mystery and frustration regarding such tabs allowing keen young beginners to progress with added confidence.

Musician Magician is a very new web-site with lots of music and downloads to be added in the coming weeks and months. It is our hope that teachers and young musicians will contribute by way of comments, help and advise, sharing your successes and words of wisdom with the community of the younger musician.

 A little about

Peter Sills

Peter was brought up in a jazz club in Ilford, Essex. He started playing music at a very young age and was performing on TV and playing many concerts in and around London, including the Royal Festival Hall at the age of ten.

Peter became a professional musician at the age of nineteen. He travelled the world learning his trade working in bands and orchestras playing all styles of music ranging from Jazz – Classical, Russian – Brazilian and all categories of contemporary music. He has worked with many outstanding musicians over the years including Rick Wakeman and has also written songs for several International Artists including Sir Cliff Richard and Olivia Newton John.

Whilst on a trip to America, Peter was entertaining a group of young local children in a friends backyard in Atlanta. A passing car stopped. The occupant turned off the engine and watched as Peter and the children sung and danced under beautiful Georgian skies. The driver of the car finally got out a walked over to the happy gathering. He said to Peter, “I’ve been watching you several times this week on my way to work. I was wondering if you would consider teaching at my summer camp for under privileged children for a few days next week?” Peter tactfully declined pointing out that he had absolutely no teaching experience. The visitor was most persuasive. Peter attended the summer camp which turned out to be a major turning point in his life.

On returning to the UK, Peter started studying and researching anything and everything he could find regarding children and music. Still continuing to play professionally, Peter teamed up with the school’s department of Yamaha Music and travelled extensively giving demonstration lessons to general and specialist music teachers throughout the country. He went on to write several books for the Yamaha Music School.

Peter has now consolidated his years of playing, writing and teaching music, publishing numerous books and CDs relating to children and music.. He now runs his own music centre for young people, The Hermit Club in Brentwood, Essex. He is also the music specialist at Writtle Junior School in Essex. In addition, Peter also runs courses for generalist and specialist music teachers at the Hermit Club and in schools around the country.

And when he is not teaching or running his music centre, his big passion is playing gypsy jazz guitar.