The Knack of Making Music

Getting Started

Arguably, the most influential part of a child’s musical journey is getting started. The Knack of Making Music introduces children to the wonderful world of music, teaching them how to understand its unique language, developing excellent pitch, timing and note recognition, all served up with a great big dollop of fun. The principle objective of these sessions is to give all junior classroom children the opportunity of experiencing the enjoyment of making music.

Options Galore

The Knack of Making Music is the ultimate method for introducing children to playing the recorder, ukulele, keyboard, xylophone and guitar with lots and lots of singing along the way. With these lessons, every step of the way is highly achievable for all children and non-specialist music teachers. They will also help us identify the potential musicians in our classrooms – and these children are not necessarily those lucky enough to have private or peripatetic tuition. So often, children that struggle academically have the spirit and gift that produces fine musicians. It is our job as teachers to help identify that hidden talent. This is also a perfect opportunity for children who play a concert pitch instrument such as violin and flute to join in.