The much maligned recorder is making a remarkable comeback. Unfortunately, this is only partially true.

Personally, I would like to see every child starting recorder in year three – if not sooner. I know recorders do not have the kudos andimmediacy of pressing down a note on the keyboard. To produce a nice clear tone on the recorder requires a little practice. And this is a good thing. Our quick fix generation often need to learn that a little time spent = genuine achievement.

Playing Hot Cross Buns is never far off when you pick up the recorder for the first time. A landmark I can still remember from my school days. Recorders are the perfect size, the perfect price and the perfect instrument for learning to read music. They are also the gateway for learning so many other wind instruments.

Ukuleles are fantastic. And so are xylophones, keyboards and guitars. But for me, there is only one instrument more important than the recorder, and that is THE HUMAN VOICE.