Teacher’s Resources

The Knack of Making Music introduces children to the wonderful world of music, teaching them how to understand its unique language, developing excellent pitch, timing and note recognition, all served up with a great big dollop of fun.
Simple Ensemble is a collection of 10 compositions for complete beginners – to those who have achieved a degree of proficiency playing guitars, keyboards, xylophones, drums, recorders and other concert-pitch instruments.
The Knack of Playing Piano offers the perfect staring point for complete beginners of the piano and keyboard. It is crammed packed with songs and exercises that will help the student to develop a good technique and understanding of music. Chord symbols are included to enable the teacher to accompany  the student on piano or guitar.

Creating Rhythm

Playing Ukuleles in the Classroom

(Including music for recorder and Keyboard)
The ukulele is a fantastic classroom instrument. Below are a few songs that will enable the children to get started playing this little four stringed wonder.

Fun Songs