What, realistically, can teachers, knowing very little about music, hope to achieve with a full compliment of children in the junior school classroom? The short answer is, quite a lot – providing they have the appropriate resources to assist them.

Teachers obviously have all the necessary organisational skills in their armoury to deal with the day-to-day shenanigans of school classroom management.

And the teaching music bit? I’m sure that most teachers will find this relatively easy. Well, at least, a little easier than putting together an Ikea flat-pack.

With a little help from the Knack of Making Music, most teachers will be able to help their children to read music, develop excellent pitch, timing and to get them started playing recorders, keyboards, guitars and other more traditional stalwarts – xylophones, and various percussion instruments.

There is indeed a knack to achieving these aims. Click here to find out more.